Sample Itinerary and Expenses for Biri Island Rock Formations in Northern Samar

I was in awe when I personally see the rock formations in Biri Island. I really don’t have so much words to say or write about these super huge, magnificent rock formations. So without further ado… instead of writing… here they are πŸ™‚


Quick Facts about These Rock Formations

  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources declared it as a protected seascape and landscape area in 2000
  • There are seven rock formations:
  1. Bel-at
  2. Caranas
  3. Magasang
  4. Magsapad
  5. Macadlaw
  6. Puhunan
  7. Pinanahawan


How to get to Biri Island?

Entry Points (that I know):

  1. Tacloban
  2. Catarman (Philippine Airlines only)
  3. Calbayog (via Cebu Pacific, it will always be coming from Mactan International Airport to get to Calbayog City airport)


My Itinerary

  • From Tacloban City, I went to GrandTours Terminal (there are other transport companies in Downtown Tacloban but this is the one that I chose)
  • Ask the teller that you’re bound to Allen. Fare is P320. Don’t forget to ask for the ticket.
  • We departed at 7:30 am and arrived in Calbayog City at around 11:30 am. I thought that it will be a direct travel to Allen. We needed to ride another van that is bound to Allen. We didn’t need to pay again as this is the same transport company.
  • Around 2 pm, we arrived in Allen. From GrandTours Allen terminal, there are tricycles waiting. Ask the tricycle driver to drop you off at Lavezares port. Fare is P100 and travel time may take ~25 minutes.
  • From Lavezares port, boat ride is P750 if you’ll be traveling solo. Alternatively, you can wait for other passengers (My wait time was roughly 90 minutes). If it reaches 10 passengers, each one will pay P75 or if more passengers, the lesser amount (Again, it has to be P750 minimum). In my case, I think it reached ~18 people (all seems to be locals of Biri Island), we just needed to pay P50 each. Apparently, I was the only traveler there!

It took 1 hour to reach Biri Island. There are a lot of Habal habal drivers there, waiting. Someone approached me and I told him that I would like to check in first to Magallanes Suite (I just saw their billboard from the port). However, he told me that I need to register first in the Tourism office.

So we went there, I was welcomed by the Tourism officer and he explained fees that I need to pay (see My Expenses).

My Expenses

  • Tacloban to Downtown GrandTours terminal P8
  • Terminal to Allen P320
  • Allen to Levazares port P100
  • Levazares port to Biri P50
  • Accomodation P500
  • Environmental Fee P50
  • Fees P640 (includes habal habal, Sunrise watching, Tour Guide) – this is good for 3 persons, however, I am solo so I have to shoulder everything. Fees good for whole day
Getting back to Tacloban
  • From Biri Island port to Levazares, it depends, as mentioned above. It must be minimum of P750. So you will have to wait for other passengers
  • Lavezares to GrandTours terminal P100
  • Allen to Calbayog City P100 (Last trip is 5 pm)
  • Calbayog City to Catbalogan City P100
  • Catbalogan City to Tacloban P120

Total Expenses: P2,088 (excluding food and souvenirs). This will be lesser if you’re traveling with friends.

Where to Stay

I recommend Magallanes Suite and Spa as they are budget friendly suite. The owner is very nice and accommodating. Sure there are other inns in the island but if you’re on a budget, you may consider this. Habal habal drivers know how to get here.

Magallanes Suite and Spa. Thanks to Julius, the owner, very accommodating.

Where to Eat

  • Lawud Restaurant
  • Canteen just right beside the Tourism office
  • Carinderias near the chapel

Tips and Reminders

  • No ATM’s in the island, make sure you have small bills and coins
  • SMS and calls are ok as the network signal is good
  • Data for internet is really bad
  • Keep tickets for inspection
  • Bring water and snacks
  • Do not forget to bring sunblock and/or wear rash guard
  • Use aqua shoes
  • Travel light
  • DO NOT litter
  • Leave no trace
  • Take care and enjoy!



Vincent Tatoy +63 975.349.1104

Biri Island Tour Guide, Vincent


If you have any question, let me know and I’ll be happy to help. πŸ™‚


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