Having a large wallet is optional for wandering; sometimes, practical planning for everything that may and will happen is the way to travel in the Philippines on a budget. Whenever time grants me a blank space, I can’t deny that I’ve daydreamed about traveling around the country and even the world. However, those dreams often fade when reality hits, and I realize I don’t have much money. But I’ve learned that having a few pesos in my pocket is not a loss of hope. Traveling around my country is the first and best way to prove it!

The Philippines is known as ‘The Pearl of the Orient Seas’ for its natural beauty and the abundance of budget-friendly travel options it offers. The Philippines has everything from breathtaking mountain vistas after a satisfying hike to pristine white sand islands under an endless azure sky and crystal-clear waters teeming with life. The country’s sunrises and sunsets paint a mesmerizing picture, while its caves hold ravishing secrets. Parks and beaches offer endless activities, and the nightlife in the cities and the calming shades of trees in the provinces create a perfect balance. These are just a few perks one can enjoy while traveling around the Philippines.

Are you still stuck in daydreams? It’s time to release yourself and let your dreams come true as I show you 14 tips on how to travel in the Philippines, and even the world, on a budget!

14 Tips on How to Travel in the Philippines and Even in the World for Less

  1. Look out for travel promos or cheaper destinations: Look out for travel promos during peak seasons or explore more affordable destinations that fit your budget. Legitimate websites of travel agencies often have attractive offers waiting to be discovered.
  2. Your itinerary: Instead of booking company tours, you can create one. This saves money and allows you to travel at your own pace and truly enjoy each place without time constraints.
  3. Avoid travel rush: Proper planning is critical to an affordable adventure. I should think of the places I want to visit, find suitable areas for accommodation, and schedule my travel to avoid rush hours and peak times.
  4. Create a travel fund: Besides the money you already have, you can boost your budget by setting aside savings specifically for travel. You must have enough funds to cover transportation, food, accommodation, emergencies, and additional tour expenses.
  5. Watch out for flight seat sales: PAL, Air Asia and Cebu Pacific often have seat sales that fit your budget. Signing up for their newsletters and being on the lookout for these sales can help you score great deals.
  6. Find travel buddies: Traveling with friends and relatives enhances the experience and allows you to share expenses, making it more affordable for everyone. Stronger bonds are formed during longer journeys!
  7. Embrace Couchsurfing: Couchsurfing is a fantastic social network service available through a website and mobile app. It allows you to find locals open to hosting travelers for free. Couchsurfing offers many benefits, including getting to know the locals and discovering hidden gems not usually found in travel blogs.
  8. Opt for public transportation: While taxis and Uber may seem comfortable, they can quickly deplete your budget. Public transportation, such as buses, can be your best friend. Overnight or last trips are especially beneficial as they help save on accommodation costs.
  9. Connect with fellow backpackers: Meeting and befriending other travelers on the road can be immensely rewarding. They often have valuable advice about places they have visited or recommendations for upcoming destinations. The wisdom and shared experiences of fellow backpackers are priceless.
  10. Carry cash instead of relying on cards: Using credit cards or ATMs can be challenging in many parts of the Philippines. Cash is widely accepted, especially in smaller towns and rural areas. Having a coin purse handy is also a good idea, as it will come in handy for various small expenses.
  11. Explore local cuisine and convenient store foods: While restaurant dining is tempting, local carinderias (eateries) offer freshly cooked homemade meals that satisfy both hunger and budget. Additionally, local markets and fast food chains provide affordable food options and fresh ingredients for those who prefer cooking themselves.
  12. Find the right balance: While travel is about relaxation and enjoyment, excessive partying can quickly drain the budget. Balancing fun and responsible spending is essential to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable journey.
  13. Choose budget-friendly accommodations: Opting for hostels instead of hotels is practical for a budget traveler. Hostels are often conveniently located near popular tourist spots and cater to the needs of those looking for affordable accommodation.
  14. Embrace hitchhiking and ridesharing: Contrary to popular belief, hitchhiking can be a safe and budget-friendly mode of transport. Many travelers have successfully hitchhiked and found it to be an enriching experience. Alternatively, ridesharing platforms allow you to find travel buddies and share expenses for memorable road trips.

Join Me on this Incredible Journey: Equipped with these 14 invaluable tips, we are ready to wander the Philippines and beyond, even on a modest budget. Meticulous planning and an open mind will transform our travel dreams into cherished memories.

So, let’s grab our backpack or luggage, pack all the essentials, and embrace a life-changing adventure. Let the fun begin!