Something awesome is in the works for Wandering Pinoy

Switching on the site soon ...

Thank you for visiting Wandering Pinoy!

We are undergoing rigorous website update and upgrades. We are so excited to open our website for everyone. We'll be opening this as a community website very soon. It means, you will be able to contribute or share your travel experiences and let the whole world know about it.

What's in it for you?

Learn from distinctive travel experiences of your co-travelers primarily from the Philippines.

All members will be getting points whenever they do the following:

  • Register from the website

  • Refer a friend to join the community

  • Post a blog (photoblog or a regular blog) about travel

  • Participate in discussions (Comment and share)

  • Login

  • Read a blog

  • and so much more...

These points can be used to purchase...

Members can also use their points to purchase Wandering Pinoy items like t-shirts, sando, or any other travel stuff.

We are so excited for these updates and hope you are too!

Fill out this form if you want to get notified once we open the site. See you!

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