Largest Bell in Asia is in Capiz, Philippines

As part of my birth month celebration, I traveled to Gigantes Islands in Carles, Iloilo. After visiting this wonder, I decided to go to Roxas City in Capiz. I’ve been wanting to visit this province as this was my great grandmother’s hometown. Moreover, I’ve seen Capiz being featured on TV and I’ve read several blogs about it and they are all right, Capiz is captivating!

From Baybay or People’s Park in Roxas City, I’ve rented a tricycle (this is the city’s primary mode of transportation). I was asked to pay P200 as he’ll take me to the church and bring me back to the city. Well, after that tour, I can say that P200 is cheap as it was too far from Roxas City. That took me roughly 30 minute tricycle ride (one way).


Quick Facts about Panay Church

  • Originally known as Bamban (1572), also known as Santa Monica Parish Church
  • Originally built in 1774 by Miguel Murguia but was severely damaged by a typhoon in 1875
  • Built on the same site in 1884 (same church up to this date)
  • The National Historical Commission of the Philippines declared the church as a National Historical Landmark (1997)
  • The bell of the church was made from seventy sacks of coins donated by townspeople
    • It measures 7 ft in diameter, 5 ft in height, and weighs 10,400 kilograms (see pictures below)
    • It will take you 160 stair steps to reach the top of the bellfry

Panay Church

I took some pictures when I got there. I met Randy, the bell caretaker and here’s his picture 🙂

This is Randy, taken at the Panay Church Bellfry

He took pictures of me (using my Samsung S7 Edge phone) so I can have solo shots. And here are his shots. Thanks, Randy!

Biggest bell in Asia

Biggest bell in Asia

Biggest bell in Asia

He shared some history glimpse that I’ve outlined above. I am impressed with Capiz history, which is part of the Philippines’ history that shaped our culture. It was a really nice experience!

You see, I just made this post very simple and short 🙂

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